The Evolution of the Hipster : 2000 - 2009

Paste magazine brilliance.

The 2008 'Williamsburg' is my personal fave, about the only one I'm yet to see in real life. Kinda glad it's stuck in the upper east side or wherever the fuck they hang out.

I give it a year til Londonites looks this retarded.

The first guy, 'Emo' isn't what I'd class as emo, or actually that retarded, but the others make me rage. Maybe I'm just bitter I'm not 'cool', iunno.

Cats > Anything.


So cute I almost wet myself.

The dating game.

Posting life again for once. Been busy is all, entered an actual relationship with dates and shit instead of just sex, backhands, tears and binge drinking.

It's going surprisingly well too.

Also.. C.S.I right?

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80's Video Dating Montage

Brilliant, enjoy.

Ether / Ketamine? I want whatever it is.

"There is nothing more helpless and irresponsible than a man in the depths of an ether binge."

(Stops for a few seconds every now and again, shitty security camera, but comes back quickly)



Can't. Stop. Watching.


Look at this fucking hipster

I hate hipsters with a passion.

Share my disdain.

(First post in a while I know, been busy being lazy).

R.I.P Roc Raida

 Dead at 37.  One of the best turntablists ever.

I'm just a regular everyday normal motherfucker.