Oh Summerbot ..

Summer Glau.

Apart from being every nerds fantasy, a somewhat geek herself who loves sci-fi and a goddamn ballet dancer (ooooo.. so toned and flexible), she is the hottest terminator in the history of robots. History of anything man.

Even though Sarah Connor Chronicles is a great series apart from a few slow episodes, I'd watch it even if it was as bad as Skins, just for Summer. (I fucking hate Skins btw. Bunch of hipster faggots and middle-class fucks acting out some Channel 4 execs idea of what kids are like today but totally missing the mark. If you like it, I hate you too).

But yeah, Summer Glau. Summerbot, Cameron Phillips, the terminator.. who, if you're John Connor, will do anything you ask her. Anything. Forget the idea that terminators are constantly trying to fuck you up.. you have this as your slave basically :

Fair fucking trade if you ask me.