I've caught the bug.

I got a little pin-up the other day [HURRRR], and since then I've just been wanting more and moreeeeeeeee.

Money is a bastard though, they're expensive. Like retardedly so, what's the deal?

One shitty one I had done when I was like 17 I want covered up and made into a sleeve, but it's difficult finding the right design since covering black is only possible, well, with black.

It was supposed to say PHIL, which is my name obviously, but I went in pissed up and came out with PHJ£ somehow. [HURRRRR]. Classic mistake I'm sure, and it made for a few good stories, but 99% of the time it's a reminder of how much of a moron I am, and how beer is no good.

But, I think I've found a sweeeeeeeeet design to cover it, just gotta fuck around a bit and get it to fit. It has flowers and shit, but I'll backhand any cunt who calls me girly and start tattooing notches on my arm for every person I knockout.

Looky.. the black bars the koi is on = whats going to cover the letters. Genius right?

I'mma book it tomorrow and report back.