Maybe I'm weird ..

.. or maybe I just don't know how to accurately describe what I'm thinking.. but does anyone else clock how words make sense, only once you de-construct them?

I watched a 9/11 programme the other night (INSIDE JOB RARGHGHAA), and it was obviously about the WTC skyscrapers. Then I thought.. whoa.. skyscrapers. They're sky-scrapers.. 'cos they scrape the sky so to speak. They so tall. It all makes sense!

That was the latest word that just hit me randomly, but it's happened to me plenty the past year, when I'll suddenly clock a word in that way.

Is it just me though?

Like I just think/say words without really giving them much thought, I just associate them with objects yeah.. but then if I stop and think.. I get the obvious literal type meaning in the way the words been made. Know what I mean?

Like I don't think about the word when I say it, it's just the word for that 'thing'.

Computer. It computes. So it's a computer. Yeah?

Obvious right? But for some reason I had a little tingle of joy/self-adulation when I thought about it and realized.

To be fair, most people look at me like an idiot when I try and explain this, but I'm (kinda) sure I'm not mentally retarded.