Fuck the TV licence ..

Slags. The lot of 'em. How can anyone justify having to buy a licence every year.. to watch TV. What the fuck is going on here?

After throwing countless letters in the bin and just giving them the finger for months/years, I got a knock on the door the other day. Half asleep, half idiot, I answered it and was greeted by some bloke from the TV licence company, who asked 'Can I come in?'.


Retrospect is a bitch. If I refused there and then.. I'd be all good. But nah.. I was like 'Uhh, yeah whatever man' and let him in.

He inspected my TV, took note of what was on TV at the time (Diagnosis Murder.. that's how I roll), interviewed me under caution (no shit), and said I might have to go to court unless I start paying straight away. The prick.

Anyway, a week or so on and after throwing the new letters in the bin, I get one that's about court and how proceedings will start unless I get a licence NOW. Shit is getting serious.. and I realise that if I go to court I'll probably get fined around £500, can't see it being more than that, but then a licence is only £140.

Still, it's the principle. I'mma decide how I'mma play this the next few days, but I reckon I'mma gonna haveta pay summut. Or bomb the BBC, either or.