Fuck you, shampoo.

Yeah, semi-related to the Tragic Sex post, I went back to this girls house after a night out on Sunday. Lovely girl, feisty, (bitch gave me nosebleed.. no shit) tanned, good body etc.. but 'cos she shares a flat with others, we didn't have a room away from anyone else so as to do the business.

So she goes for a shower, & I follow & jump in with her after a few minutes just before she washed the shampoo out of her hair. All good, all like recreating those sexy shower scenes from movies and whatnot, bigging myself up in my head because I'm the man, switching shit up on the foldable shower seat (I know, right?), when with her hair flicking around a bit, a fat drop of shampoo flies right in my eye. I'm sure at first she thought I was shooting up in her or summut when I let out an 'Urghrghgrhgr aagragrga..'. Stuff proper blinded me for like 2 minutes, burnt like fuck, but we quickly realised what happened and fell about laughing.

It ruined the moment and put an end to movie sex in the shower, but it was a brilliantly comedic moment.

Next time though I'mma make sure it's 'Johnsons No More Tears' shit on the shelf, or they can just get themselves off with the shower head.