I want hangovers again ..

What the fuck is with trading hangovers for feeling like some manic depressive, lost, retarded sub-human for a day or two after a good binge drink as you age?

It's not on. Fuck you body/God/brain/beer or whatever the cause is.. gimme back the pounding headaches, vomiting and toilet hanging of my youth anyday.

I've left my bed maybe for 3 hours since Sunday. Sleeping is about the only thing that's stopping me from cutting my wrists atm, and it's all beer's fault. Dunno why, but the past year or so.. I haven't had a hangover. Just this shitty depressive feeling for a day or two.

It's not like I've been drinking less or more maturely either. I still wake up in the morning, not knowing how the fuck I got home, usually to angry text messages from girls I know that I've either beaten up or tried getting on while they're sat with their boyfriend. £80 fines coming through the door randomly a week later for pissing on a tramp or something equally dumb but funny. (It'd be funny if it wasn't attached to a fucking fine anyway). & I've jumped so many taxis this past few months I'm struggling to get home from town half the time, running out of fresh victims.

So far from maturing and whatnot, I've been more of a drunken dickhead than ever before.

Which.. as I'm writing this.. might be the problem. Maybe I'm going too hard, too old.

God damnit, I wanna be 17 again. Fuck adulthood.


Unknown said...

Man, is that what's to come?! I'm half way there with feeling shit for 3 days after drinking, but don't have the wrist slitting tendancies just yet...

Meeee said...

It'll come man. How old are you? I assumed you're older than me (24), being a city banker or some shit.

If you have the rich city boy lifestyle younger then me I hate you already.