I'm now teetotal ..

.. for a week or two. Have to calm down with the drinking.

Not really for health reasons, more the fact that I'm a terrible drunk.. especially with women. Apologies all around when I wake up the next morning and read the abusive texts I receive and get told just what the fuck I was doing by my drinking partners the night before.

Sounds pretty typical really.. but the past few months I've managed to :

  • Get beaten up, knocked out cold and mugged by a gang of girls at like 4am, middle of nowhere. (First 'all-you-can-drink' experience).
  • Lost my wallet.
  • Lost my phone.
  • Given a girl a fat lip.
  • Jumped 5+ taxis.. and hitchiked home when no more would take me.
  • Slept in Marks & Spencers bins.
  • Sent abusive texts to some bird.. followed by the classic line "Fair play yeah, come to mine and I'll fuck you rough n nasty how you like it."
  • Almost got beaten up by some black dude, apparently because I said 'Oi.. are you gay?' out of the blue.
  • Got an £80 fine for pissing in a doorway.

& I've been out probably less than 10 times. Not good.

I blame the all-you-can-drink nights. £8, knocking back any drink all night.. wtf do people expect?

I would say they should be banned.. but then I couldn't afford to go out and be an idiot.. so for now, they're awesome.