I do have a conscience.


As much as I try and just be blahzay about everything, sometimes shit comes back and makes me realise how much of a cunt I can be.

My mate wanted to get on some bird but he didn't know her, so I jumped her best friend and shit, got us all going out as a foursome, got them hooked up, and it's all good.

Now though, I gotta fuck her off. Sounds simple, but this bird has got it bad, so much so that I've taken the piss completely and now I feel rough having to explain it to her, because she is a good person, just not yummy.

She gave me a new phone, bought me crates of beer, chinese takeaways etc.. loads and loads.. and all I did in return was nick fags off her every 2 minutes and make excuses not to have sex.

Now, tonight, my mate and her are over with beers and she's all on me, but I gotta end it.

Hard though, I never figured it'd phase me but I feel like such a cunt it's retarded. They've gone to the shop atm to get more drink, so I'm pouring my heart out to blogger.

I'm gonna have to explain it's not happening to her for sure, but it'll ruin the night.

& more importantly, she might take her phone back, then I'll be fucked. :(