I might have some girl up the duff.. holy shit. This ain't good at all man.

She said she'd get the morning after pill, and I was drunk and happy to fuck bareback in my drunken stupor, but man, now I'm sober I feel like shooting myself. DUMB CUNT.

I hope to God it's swine flu or summut, but morning/night sickness, a pregnancy test (negative) in her bag and just illness all over.

Been a week or so since the deed so the test could still say negative before the little bastard evolves or whatever right? I ain't got a clue tbh, I just know how to fuck and how to put on a condom, just not the two together obviously. FUCKFUFKCUFCFJSDJ

I don't like this feeling.


Pair-A-Dyce said...

please no lil phils