Requiem For A Dream

I'm snapping my neck to the DnB remix of the Requiem For A Dream soundtrack atm on Jewtube hurrr, and I figured if I can turn just one person onto the film, then it's all good. So this is my RFAD recommendation post. You best go fucking buy/download it.

It's like the comedown version of Trainspotting, (which doesn't sound too appealing but still..) and just as good if not better.

I cried watching it, it left me kinda numb for days afterwards. And I'm super manly mind you. I shave with the pelvic bone of Chuck Norris and shit, chew lead like motherfuckers chew tobacco. But it messed me up, trust.

Seriously.. it's a must see.

#65 in IMDB's top #100 list, so you knows it's good.